Welcome to Maverick Biosciences

Maverick Biosciences is an Animal Derived Biological’ processor supplying manufacturers of human and veterinary pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, neutriceuticals, medical products, and cosmetics, globally. Maverick exports globally meeting regulatory and quality requirements of many varying countries/governments, certifying bodies, and clients specific cGMP and industry needs.

Tissues shipments are routinely shipped airfreight arriving to clients in Europe and The Americas, within 48 hour timelines, whilst holding temperatures at 1° – 6° Celsius…

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The Advantages In Sourcing from Maverick in Australia & New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are export based economies therefore animal production, slaughter, processing and export systems are well established for global compliance (Animal materials from slaughter houses chosen as supply partners by Maverick, would be imported to >70 countries across The EU, North America, Asia and the Middle East.)

Our animal-derived biological categories

Biological Medical Product Materials

Valve, soft tissue, bone, tendon and hide materials.

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Diagnostic & Media Materials

Offals, organs, extracts, glands and blood products.

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Human & Veterinary Pharmaceutical & Vaccine Materials

Offals, organs, glands, seminal vesicles, blood products & derivatives.

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Animal Derived Biological Materials for Research & Development

The Maverick business has been built by working closely and in integrity with our clients, to completely understand their needs

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Collagen Based Materials

Tendon materials, hide, skin, mucosa and serosal membranes.

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